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Last year I did the 8 week meal and exercise plans.. Lindsey is a very trustworthy person. It starts with the payment.. You pay by paypal, and up to 5 days after Lindsey will send you the personalized plans. By making me the the customized plans, and taking me in as an Eat Workout Live client, Lindsey has changed my life. I’ve learned to love my body and myself. I also saw great improvement in my skin being on the meal plan. The meal plan incorporates all of the essential vitamins that were missing in my old eating habits. Another great thing is that I didn’t need to buy any vitamins, minerals, or other supplements since the diet plan already included the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs. With your meal plans, she sends you a substitute list, with more food you can eat for every food group so you are not eating the same food every day and by doing this I truly learned how to eat right for my. The exercise plans will kick your butt haha, but you feel so good after it. The plans are totally worth every penny. Prior to becoming one of Lindseys clients, I was a depressed girl with no self-confidence, not social, not outgoing, i felt like I was just going through a dull life. But now?! Now I’m a women with a big big smile on my face. THANK YOU GIRL, FOR BRINGING ME BACK TO LIFE!

Kylie K.
The program I purchased through @EatWorkoutLive truly changed my life, and instilled a passion for health and fitness that I have not lost since ending her program. Through the 8 week program, I went from someone who had never even purchased fresh produce, had never meal prepped, and had never done any workouts beyond half hour cardio sessions on an elliptical. With Lindsey’s guidance, I was able to find new foods that I enjoyed….and were healthy! The meals were easy to put together, and worked well with my busy schedule whenever I needed to prep in advance. The workouts were a great balance of high-rep weightlifting, varied lengths of cardio, and specific days for HIIT (which are killer!!). Whenever I had questions, Lindsey was available via e-mail within 24-48 hours and always offered not only answers, but support and encouragement. In 8 weeks, I lost 15 lbs and countless inches. Even more importantly, though, was what I gained. I gained confidence in myself, I gained a stronger mentality, and I gained belief that I could take this as far as I wanted to….I learned how to believe in myself and how to see a life of fitness as something I love, instead of something I felt obligated to do. A year and a half later, I’m still making progress and pushing myself….and I have Lindsey to thank for starting it all.

 Sara B.
After seeing many success pictures on Instagram I decided to email Lindsey and sign up for a plan. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The transformation I saw on both the inside and outside was amazing. I finally had that moment when I decided I was worth it and even if it took an hour away from spending with my baby that I needed to do this for me. I love food and probably always will, but now I love food for other reasons. Food is strictly fuel for your body and eating the right food at the right time is key in a successful weight loss journey.  The workouts schedule was very doable nothing too crazy other than the HIIT workouts JI kept telling myself if she thinks that I can do these workouts I better show her and myself that I can do it. The one on one support was great anytime I had a question she was quick to reply. This program is different for many reasons than any other plan I have tried but the main reason is because she came up with a plan specifically for me. She takes the time to ask and figure out your goals and helps you achieve them. I loved my first plan so much than I signed up for a second one to help tone it up more.

(Returning client)
All I can say is wow!! Lindsey has helped me so much during my plan. She was there when I had questions and she was there when I needed support. Her plans really taught me portion control and they aren’t boring or restrictive. If there was something on my plan I didn’t like  she had a ton of substitutions to choose from. I felt less bloated, refreshed, and most importantly I gained a lot more self confidence from following my plan. I can’t thank you enough! I am a returning client as well. I had her customize an additional 8 weeks after the first 8 weeks. This next phase was specific to how my body was after the initial physical improvements.

If I had to rate my experience from a 1-10 I would give Lindsey a 10. My experience with her was fantastic. Whenever I had a question about my diet plan I emailed her and had a response either that day or the following day.  The plan she wrote for me was according to the foods I liked and so straight forward that it was all laid out for me. I knew what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner each day and also snacks. A week into my plan I realized I was still hungry mid day so I emailed her and got a response that day! She added another snack into my plan. She gives very reasonable prices. I would recommend any one looking to live a healthier lifestyle and reach their fitness goals to contact Lindsey without hesitation because you will not look back!

I became a client of Lindsey’s back in August 2014. I have always been an active person – played sports throughout high school, played field hockey at Salisbury, ran a half marathon, and more. After I graduated, I [unfortunately] got a 9-5 desk job and my daily activity began to diminish. I would go through periods (days or sometimes WEEKS) of not going to the gym or working out just because “I didn’t feel like it”.  And, I was eating whatever I wanted. Well, in August of 2014, I hit my heaviest weight and felt absolutely disgusted with my physical appearance. This was my low point. This was also when I realized I needed to kick my ass back in gear. So, I turned to Eat, Workout, Live.

I contacted the company to find out more information about their programs and everything they had to offer –prices, package combinations, meals, etc.  I knew, 100%, that I wanted to invest in a meal plan because I never really knew what I should ACTUALLY be eating — what works and what doesn’t work (chemically).  I also figured I would purchase the workout plan because I needed to break my normal workout regime.  This was THE BEST investment. Not only was it EXTREMELY affordable, but, the amount of information that was provided (100’s of workouts, meals, meal substitutes, shake variations, etc.) was shocking. Lindsey truly put forth tremendous effort to make sure my personal goals were going to be accomplished. Plus, whenever I had questions throughout the 8 week program, Lindsey was there to answer them – and did so ASAP. I received my meal/workout plan within a few days of sending her my payment (via PayPal) and it was time to begin…

The first couple of weeks KICKED MY BUTT. The eating wasn’t the hard part, thought– it was the workouts. The meals never got boring; I was truly enjoying what I was eating (this is coming from someone who used to HATE broccoli, peppers, mushrooms and asparagus and now I can’t go without them)! The workouts on the other hand, those were tough. The HIIT workouts made me want to scream and I truly gained a love/hate relationship for them. It wasn’t until after the first two weeks when I started to see changes and KNEW the pain was worth it. I felt good. I was all around happier, more energized, motivated, looking better and on my way to a healthier lifestyle.

I will admit, I did have some cheat meals throughout the process but I also “punished” myself for doing so. In the program, Lindsey gave some helpful hints. Of those, she said cheat meals were OK so long as they weren’t cheat DAYS and if I had a cheat meal I’d owe myself extra cardio (sometimes the froyo is worth it, ha).

By week four (halfway through) I REALLY saw my body changing. From there, it was a downward battle – my mindset was where it needed to be, I was becoming comfortable in my own skin, workouts were easier to complete; I was no longer “weighted down”. This is when I knew all my hard work was paying off. There was no time or reason to make excuses moving forward. The hard part [starting] was over.

Words truly cannot express how satisfying this entire experience has been.  One day I randomly decided to invest in myself by purchasing a program and since then, my lifestyle changed – I’m back to the old me. I lost 20 pounds during the 8 weeks and I did it in a balanced manner. These programs are NOT hard to follow – they’re designed perfectly. And ANYONE can follow them. I’ve referred MANY of my friends to this product because of (1) how well it works and (2) they asked me how I got to where I am.

Making lifestyle changes is NOT easy but it starts with YOU and YOUR mindset. You can read all the motivational quotes you want but that doesn’t spark it from within – YOU have to find your inner strength, YOU have to let go of fears and YOU have to bite the bullet to chase your goals. Let Eat, Workout, Live help you with that – you won’t regret it

My freshman year in college, I struggled with some weight gain and lack of knowledge as to my healthy food options on campus. I also experimented for awhile with being vegan and vegetarian along with distance running. I knew I needed to get proper nutrition, so I turned to Lindsey, who I found on social media. She gave me a meal and workout plan in a very timely manner and catered it to my needs (Vegan, ect.). Whenever I had a question, even if I still have a question, I always know I can get in contact with her, and she always has an answer! The thing that I love the most about working with Lindsey is that her program incorporates way more than just the physical appearance aspect, which is rare in the fitness community today. Lindsey wants to incorporate an overall sense of well-being in her clients. I realized from her that food is fuel and nourishment. I can honestly say my mindset has been changed because of her and I now live a much more positive life, which transfers over to everyone I come in contact with. From bettering my inside, my outside has drastically improved as well! Well-being starts from the inside, which she fully realizes. Lindsey cares about the mindset of her clients, rather than just the superficial image. I couldn’t ask for a better coach!

Lindsey is the best online coach I have ever dealt with. She talks to you on a personal level, like she were talking to a friend. She keeps up with you. If she hasn’t heard from you in awhile, she’ll check in to see how you’re doing, and if you’re not doing so well, she’ll give you some encouragement, some motivation. It’s easy following Lindsey’s guides, and seeing the results so fast keeps you determined to keep going. She definitely helped me get in the mindset of hitting the gym every day. The diet plan wasn’t hard to follow, and there were substitutions available for the foods I didn’t care for. After only a week I felt so much better about myself. I could feel myself getting stronger. When I first talked to Lindsey and placed my order for a diet and workout plan, she told me to give her a few days to run numbers to get my meals right, and she wouldn’t start work until my money order went through. She had it done THE NEXT DAY! I was so impressed, compared to anywhere/any other company, it would’ve been a couple weeks. No way did I expect that, but she did it! I believe she’ll go out and beyond what is expected to help a client out. I would, and have, recommend anyone to her. Also, she doesn’t just preach it, she proves it. She’s my inspiration to keep pushing myself to the limit and being healthier overall.