Meal & Workout Programs

Meal & Workout Programs

As we strive to reach our full potential, we must look at the body and mind as a temple. It all starts with fueling yourself on a daily basis with the right nutrition, getting yourself moving in a fit active way, and living everyday with a positive mindset. Lindsey

I offer a wide variety of different plans! Every single plan will be customized in order for you to improve whatever fitness/nutrition/health/mind/body goals you have.

I have divided my most popular plans into categories, if you don’t see what you are looking for, please talk to me. I am positive that I can help you with whatever you are looking to accomplish. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that I don’t offer it. You can pair any workout plan and meal plan together. I do suggest getting both a meal and workout plan combination for maximum results.

If you are interested in taking part of my programs and becoming a client of mine then send me an email.

I will give you a detailed rundown of whichever plans you are interested in, the rates, and answer any questions you may have.

Within that email I will cover the following:

· Details on the specific plan that you’re interested in

· How I go about creating your personalized plan to get you to your goals

· Prices, and the option of payment plans if needed No matter which one you choose to go with, all of my programs are customized to each client. No two plans are the same, since no two people are same. We are all different on the inside and out, with different goals and ways of life.

All of my programs:

· Fit your schedule

· Utilize the resources that you have available for training and cooking

· Are created based on current fitness level, individual statistics, body type, goals, and other important factors

· Can be revised for no additional cost within the time frame the plan is created for

· All plans focus on a balanced intake of nutrients

· There are no food restrictions

· Every single meal for the duration of the program is laid out for you. No need to count your calories, macronutrients

· 8 week minimum for meal plans

· All plans are customized per person and their specific goals

· A food substitution sheet is included with every meal plan, along with guidelines on how to use it

· Pointers for how to eating at a restaurant while on the plan

· Snacking and eating on the go

· How to effectively meal prep

· 1-on-1 email support/access with me (Lindsey) throughout your whole 8 weeks, and beyond

· Plans and programs are based upon lifestyle goals and go about reaching your goals in a healthy way Possibilities are endless, that is the huge plus you get with me customizing your plan for you.