Nutrition Mind & Body

Eating real food allows your body to flourish in its natural state. Food should be viewed as something that we enjoy, as well as fuel for our bodies. I believe that everyone should eat a diet that consist primarily of foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Our bodies come from nature. We are natural beings. We are not processed in a factory. Eating a diet as close to nature as possible is vital to keeping things running the way they are naturally designed to. The more unnaturally altered foods we habitually include in our diet, increases the chance that our bodies will not functioning to their fullest potential, making it harder to achieve simple goals.

The mind and body work as one. Eating right not only helps the body, but the mind as well.  It is essential to understand how important concept is to optimizing overall health. Choosing to live a life where you aim to move your body every day, and eat mostly healthy foods yields positive reactions within the other avenues of your life. Maintaining a healthy mind and body gives you the balance you need in the other aspects of life to maintain overall positivity and happiness. I know that when I eat consistently well, I am more productive, energetic, I sleep better, I wake up earlier, my motivation is higher, and I’m happier!

My Core Philosophies of LIVING
• Be true to yourself and prioritize self-exploration, development, and independence.
• Do your thing, without any doubt.
• Never give up.
• Control the mind by nourishing the body and soul.
• Setting yourself up for success and happiness starts and ends in your mind.
• Realize you are the only thing that can control your life.
• You make yourself; you have all of the power.
• Don’t get caught up in the useless things that society has to offer.
• Love yourself during the journey, the journey is the destination.

Here at Eat Workout Live, I strongly believe in balancing the important healthy aspects of life. Not only to reach fitness and health goals, but in order to reach your full potential and be your best self.

As we strive to reach our full potential, we must look at the body and mind as a temple. It all starts with fueling yourself on a daily basis with the right nutrition, getting yourself moving in a fit active way, and living everyday with a positive mindset.

My goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals, and healthiest mindset through a sustainable, balanced, and abundant lifestyle.

The number one message that I want to spread is happiness.
I’m not here to tell you that you need to eat/workout/live exactly like me.

What makes me happy?
• Expressing gratitude
• Living simple
• Feeling good about myself, which has a lot to do with how I feed/utilize my body & mind
• Helping others achieve the above, on whatever terms define happiness for them.

I am an advocate of a balanced lifestyle fueled by balanced whole foods, rather than everyone in the world needs a diet that consists of 95% plants, like mine.

I take pride in prioritizing each individual and their own personal journey as I interact with people all over the globe. With years of training, experience, and obtaining numerous certifications,  I have been creating 100% personalized meal and workout programs since 2011.