Below you will find some FAQ about my customized coaching programs

General Program FAQ’s

Are all of your programs customized?
Yes, every single program I make is 100% customized for each client.

What is included in the 8 week customized meal and workout program?
The 8 Week Customized Meal & Workout Program includes:
• A fully customized 8 week meal plan
• A fully customized 8 week workout plan
• 75+ High Intensity Interval Training circuits, sectioned off into body parts
• A food substitution sheet, along with guidelines on how to use it. This is a very simple concept, and it is all laid out for you.
• A guideline sheet that goes into detail about:
– Snacking on the go
– How to effectively prepare meals
– Incorporating “cheat” meals
– How to stay on track while going out to eat while on the plan
… plus a lot more pointers!
• 1-on-1 email support/access throughout your whole 8 weeks, and beyond if you need it

Do you coach guys too?
Yes, anyone!

How do you know what my goals are?
I send out an extensive questionnaire to each client. Based on the info in the questionnaire, I make the perfect plan that takes literally everything about your entire lifestyle, fitness background, and goals into consideration.

What if I have a question during my program?
All of my clients have access to contact me at anytime throughout their program (and beyond if you need it) with any questions. I answer emails everyday, throughout the day.

Workout Plan FAQ’s

Do I have to belong to a gym?
Nope! I can make a full workout program that doesn’t involve any gym equipment.

I only have time to workout 3 days a week, will I still see results if I do the customized meal and workout program?
Yes, the workouts are efficient and can fit any time frame you allow yourself. As long as you stick to the plan, you will see the results you want.

I’ve had knee problems for the last 20 years, will I still be able to do the workout program?
Yes. I can work around any injury/limitation.

I am a D1 college athlete, and I want a challenging program to do in the off season, that targets speed, endurance, agility, weight lifting, and overall conditioning. Are you knowledgeable enough to work with that, or do you only help beginners?
I coach absolutely any level out there, from first time gym goer to high level performance. I was a college athlete myself, and have been playing competitive sports my entire life. I have coached college athletes that play almost every sport (male and female).

Do I have to get both the meal and workout programs to see results?
No, but I do recommend getting both plans. When I customize them, they will coincide and work together in the most efficient way to get you results.

I have no workout background, and I don’t like going to the gym because its intimidating. Can all of my workouts be done from home?
Yes. I’ve had plenty of clients that don’t step foot in a gym during their entire program and get amazing results.

Do you have any 5k running programs? This is my first time running a race.
I do! I can make a program that will get you ready to run any race. From 5k’s, half marathons, marathons, triathlons, ultra marathons, I’ve coached clients to race them all- at any skill level.

Meal Plan FAQ’s

What if I don’t like a meal on the program?
With each meal plan, I include a substitution sheet. There are instructions on how to use it, along with a lot of different options. If you’re not feeling a certain food that day you can substitute it out for another!

Am I going to need to count macros or calories on the meal plan?
No, you won’t have to count macros, calories, carbs, protein… or anything! I do all of the meal creation and balancing for you. Even when utilizing the food substitution sheet, you won’t have to do any rocket science to figure out the substitutions. That is already done for you, and all easily laid out for you.

Do I have to eat the same meals everyday for 8 weeks?
No way! Each week you are given a new set of meals, and snacks for each day.
You can substitute things by using the substitution sheet whenever you want.

I’m not the best cook in the world, will I still be able to make the meals?
Of course. All of the meals/snacks are simple to make. However, if you do want to have more complex meals that is possible, just make a note of that while filling out the questionnaire.

Am I going to need to buy a lot of expensive health food?
No way! The foods/ingredients I use on my meal plans are on the cheaper side of the spectrum. There are a lot of overpriced health products out there that I won’t put on your plan unless you want them on it.

What if I have plans to go to a restaurant during the 8 week meal plan? What can I eat?
If you know a few days in advance where you are going to eat, let me know and I will go on the restaurants website and give you a list of meals you can choose from.

I hate smoothies, and protein shakes. Do I have to drink those on the meal plan?
Nope! I won’t make you eat anything you don’t like. Just be sure to mention it in the questionnaire.

I forgot to mention I didn’t like bananas and they’re on my meal plan, what should I do?
I can revise any part of the program at any time! Send me an email and I will adjust things accordingly- at no extra cost.

Will I have to buy expensive health products/supplements?
No. All of the nutrients you need (unless you’re taking supplements/medication from your doctor) will be provided in the meal plan. The only exception would be protein powder, but this is only if you want a protein shake included on your plan. Results will be the same regardless.

Am I still allowed to drink alcohol while on the meal plan?
There are ways to incorporate it in small amounts, and it can be used as a “cheat.” However, I don’t recommend making it a habit. If you’re used to drinking throughout the week, but still want to reach your goals, we can figure something out where you will still get results but aren’t cutting it out 100%. It’s your lifestyle, so that is up to you. I am here to work with you and help you reach your goals in the most balanced and realistic ways possible!

I have a lot of food allergies, can you still make me a meal plan?
Yes, I can work with absolutely any dietary restrictions.

I have to cook for 3 kids, and a husband. Will they be able to eat the foods that are on my meal program?
Yes. I’ve had many clients do the same general thing. When you answer the questionnaire, there is a question where you can specify foods to include, and foods that you don’t want on the program.

I live in a college dorm, without many options for cooking. Will you still be able to make me a meal plan?
Yes, just let me know what cooking devices (if any) you have access to and I will work it out!